Welcome to the about page, where I invite You to delve deeper into the person and passion that fuels my photography. Here, You'll find the narrative behind the camera, exploring the journey, influences, and inspirations that have shaped my unique perspective. Join me as we uncover the story that breathes life into my work, and discover the person behind the lens.
I'm Anna Kirschner, the creative force behind Kirschner Studios in Los Gatos. My love affair with photography began in 2004, leading me on a global journey through London, Helsinki, Dallas, and Munich, honing my craft with fashion and portrait projects. As the co-founder and lead photographer at Women and Business Magazine, I bring two decades of industry expertise. My work has graced the pages of renowned publications like Vogue Italy, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and the Huffington Post.
Fifteen years ago, I opened my first studio with a mission to provide an exclusive and enjoyable photography experience, making clients feel like Hollywood stars in the spotlight.​​​​​​​
How can I craft exquisite, elegant, and unique headshot portraits that capture the true essence of Your being?  ​​​​​​​
Drawing upon my rich artistic training, I approach each frame with purpose, meticulously fine-tuning every nuanced element to attain excellence in the unaltered photographs themselves.
My editing process merely serves to accentuate the brilliance; the essence is inherently present. It is due to this proficiency that I take pleasure in providing You with all the captured photographs within a 48-hour timeframe following your session.
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Why choose me? ​​​​​​​
My superpower is posing and direction, ensuring You look Your absolute best. 
I'll help You feel at ease and look fantastic in front of the camera.
My studio is a sanctuary of endless fun. We handle everything, from make up & hair styling to dresses, shoes, and jewelry. 
Enjoy our beautiful vintage wardrobe, available in all sizes. We celebrate real women of every age and size. 
You'll receive all your session's photos digitally within 48 hours.
Join over 3,000 happy clients.
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