Frequently Asked Questions

What is a headshot?
A headshot is a professional photograph that focuses on a person's face, typically from the shoulders up. It's commonly used in the business world, acting, modeling, and for social media profiles.
Why do I need a headshot?
Headshots are essential for creating a strong first impression in professional settings. They are used for resumes, LinkedIn profiles, business websites, and acting/modeling portfolios.
How do I prepare for a headshot session?
Preparing for your headshot session is a breeze! We offer makeup and hair styling in specific packages, and you'll have access to our client closet. As a seasoned fashion stylist, I'll assist in curating your look and guide you through poses. Just show up, relax, and leave the rest to us. Your session will be a seamless, enjoyable experience.
How many photos do I receive?
You will have access to ALL THE PHOTOS taken during your session in an online gallery, within 48 hours. This includes all the images we captured together, at no additional charge.
Why do I give You ALL PHOTOS taken at no extra cost?
Because I can. As a photographer with an art academy background, I'm thrilled to share that I'm offering a special perk for my clients – all photos taken right after our session are on the house! You only pay the package price and nothing else.
Here are 5 reasons why: 
1. With years of art academy training, I ensure perfection in every detail by working closely with you in the studio. 
2. Enjoy the benefits of professional hair and makeup services, along with access to a curated client closet for that picture-perfect look.
3. As an expert in posing and direction, I guide you effortlessly to capture the most flattering angles and expressions.
4. My genuine passion for photography ensures a delightful experience – my smile is real, and I guarantee yours will be too!
5. Attention to detail is my forte, from the overall composition to the tiniest hair strand. Your photos will reflect the meticulous care I put into each shot.
Are weekend appointments available for headshot sessions?
Yes, I am delighted to let you know that I offer weekend appointments for headshots. It provides added flexibility to accommodate your schedule. Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or if you'd like to schedule a weekend session!
What should I wear for a headshot?
Wear clothing that reflects your profession or the image you want to convey. Solid colors work well, and avoid busy patterns or logos. Bring a few outfit options for variety. Consider including white shirts and, if possible, a pant suit. Additionally, I have a client closet available for you to choose from. As a seasoned fashion stylist, I can also assist in styling your outfit using either your own pieces or selections from my studio wardrobe. We'll work together to ensure you look your absolute best for your headshot session.
Is make up and hair included in my session?
In specific photo sessions, makeup is provided as part of the package. Hair styling is available at an extra cost. Kindly review our available packages here.
How long does a headshot session typically last?
Headshot sessions can vary in length, but they often last between 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your specific needs.
When will I receive my headshot images?
The turnaround time for receiving all your raw headshot images in an online gallery is 48 hours. The edited photos will be available for download in 10 business days. 
Will my photos be published?
   Your photos and videos will only be published with your explicit written consent.
What is Women & Business Magazine?
   Women & Business Magazine is a publication dedicated to celebrating and showcasing the extraordinary journeys of female entrepreneurs and leaders. Our mission is to illuminate the incredible women shaping the world, providing insights, experiences, and wisdom to empower a global community of inspiring, empowered women in the fields of business and marketing.
As the co-founder and head photographer, I am happy to offer headshot & publishing packages. Details can be found here.
I don’t know how to pose and smile into the camera.
With over 15 years of dedicated experience in the field, I've honed the art of posing to a fine craft. It's not just about striking a pose, but about creating an environment where your authentic self shines through, resulting in those genuine, heartwarming smiles. Rest assured, you're in the hands of a seasoned professional with a track record of delighting over 3000 satisfied customers. Their smiles and satisfaction stand as a testament to my expertise and commitment to capturing the true essence of each individual.
I don’t like to be photographed.
   Many of my clients, who aren't professional models, have shared their positive experiences. You can read their reviews and see their before-and-after photos for reassurance.
How much editing do you typically do?
   I typically focus on refining the composition, color balance, and overall visual appeal while ensuring that the final result maintains a natural and authentic feel. I believe in capturing perfection from the start - from makeup and hair to wardrobe. As a fashion stylist, I understand how to curate the ideal look. I'm proud to offer all the raw, unedited photos after your session. In fact, many of my clients find they prefer the original photos and don't request additional editing.
What is the purpose of the short video?
The brief video interview, an optional component of our Elevate Your Brand and Show Your Business packages, typically runs between 20 to 40 seconds. This custom video content is designed for social media platforms and is shot in-studio using an iPhone Pro. The short video is designed to give your social media presence a dynamic and engaging touch. It adds a personal touch to your professional image. You can get a sense of the style here, as all the videos on this website are shot in a similar manner.
Can I request specific shots or poses for the video?
Absolutely, we encourage you to share any ideas or preferences you have in mind, and we'll do our best to incorporate them.
Is there an additional cost for the video service?
The cost of the video service is included in the overall package for your session. There are no additional charges for this feature.
Do I need to prepare for the video shoot?
Yes, it's recommended that you have 3-5 sentences ready and practiced at home to ensure a smoother and quicker shoot. Also, please time yourself to make sure you don't talk too long, as the video is typically between 20 to 40 seconds in length. This preparation will help you convey your message effectively.

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